Thursday, August 6, 2009

DEVdas Revisted - Anurag Kashyap Ishtyle !!!!

Dev D :


Concept - Abhay Deol

Director - Anurag Kashyap

Producer - Ronnie Screwvala

Story - Anurag Kashyap & Vikramaditya Motwane

Screenplay - Anurag Kashyap

Music - Amit Trivedi

Cinematography - Rajeev Ravi


Dev - Abhay Deol

Paro - Mahie Gill

Chanda - Kalki Koechlin

D ifferent
E vil
V ierd

D ats Dev D.

Am a huge fan of Anurag Kashyap's Sriptwriting [ Satya, Company ,Guru .
And When his first directorial venture came [ Black Friday ] , i was bloody damn sure tht he is going to be the next big thing but then a year later in 2006 he gave ' No Smoking ' which according to me was a " storyless piece of trash ".
But believe me wen i say tht He IS Back !!

Just like 'Black Friday' , Dev D is also a Masterpiece in all sense. Whether its in terms of direction , acting , music or script evrything is BRILLIANT in this muvi !!

All the characters are very well sketched.The slight negative shade in all the characters make them more believable and closer to real life !
Abhay Deol was REVELATION !!! I din hav a clue tht sumone frm the Deol clan cud actually act !!! But here he wasnt just gud He was exceptional !!
The bloke at least deserves a Best Acting Nomination...
Mahi Gill & Kalki Koechlin were also impressive considering this is there DEBUT film.

And wat can i say about Amit Trivedi ( Music Composer ) , i seriously thot the kid would be 1 SONG-WONDER ("Ek Lau" from Aamir) but now this is just true GENIUS stuff from the kid.
Composing 19 Songs itself is a tedious task but here he has managed to compose 19 HIT tracks tht are totally different from one another !
All the songs are situational and are also very well written.
The songs manage to take the story forward without hampering the storyline or making it boring even for a SECOND!!

Without a Doubt i can assure you that this muvi wud be in the Top 3 Films of 2009 !!
Sarat Chandra Chatterjee would have never thought that his story cud be interpreted in "such" a way !!
Credit goes to Abhay Deol & Kashyap for the concept.

Rating - 4 1/2
Verdict - Watch it for Kashyap's amazing direction , Amit Trivedi's classy music & for Abhay Deol's acting.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Delhi 6 - Belongs To AR Rahman !!!

Delhi 6 :

Crew :

Director - Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

Producer - Ronnie Screwvala & Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

Story - Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra & Kamlesh Pandey

Screenplay - Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra , Prasoon Joshi & Kamlesh Pandey

Music - AR Rahman

Lyrics - Prasoon Joshi , Viviane & Claire [ ' Dilli - 6' ]

Dialogue - Prasoon Joshi

Cinematography - Binod Pradhan

Cast :

Abhishek Bachchan - Roshan Mehra

Sonam Kapoor - Bittu

Waheeda Rehman - Daadi

Rishi Kapoor - Ali

Om Puri - Madan Gopal

Pawan Malhotra - Jai Gopal

Vijay Raaj - Inspeector Ranvijay

Deepak Dobriyal - Mamdu

Atul Kulkarni - Gobar

Divya Dutta - Jalebi

Rakeysh Mehra succeeds in recreating Chandni Chowk's hustle bustle brilliantly but its the story that falls short of expectations.
The basic theme of a NRI coming back to india and 're-inventing' himself is good but the muvi ends up being too preachy at the end.
Whereas Mehra's previous venture , Rang De Basanti also was thought provoking but it wasnt preachy.

Mehra has used AR Rahman's music marvolously! Prasoon Joshi managed to capture the essence of Delhi with his soulful & imaginative lyrics.
Just listen to 'Arziyan',which deals with submitting yourself to the almighty or 'Masakalli',which is all about going for your dream without caring what others think or 'Dilli-6',which tells what Delhi is all about and you would know what i mean.

Joshi's previous venture GHAJINI with Rahman was a mediocre one in terms of lyrics but this one just proves that he should be considered among the Akhtars & Gulzars.
Rahman's music [ Songs & even the BGMs] help in taking the story forward. I believe that if the Academy Awards Committee listens to this album few times and watches this muvi once , they would decide to courier Rahman both the OSCARS that he is nominated for !!

Special mention has to given to the Ram Leela scenes as they were asthetically choreographed and executed.
But the show stealer is the song 'Dil Gira Dafatan' which is picturized amazingly! It's a great example of how Visual Effects , Set Decoration & Cinematography can be used to make a song look 'Out of the World' !!

All the actors have done a decent job. More than the actors i believe the audience will be able to easily relate itself with all the characters.
Initially you may be irritated with Abhishek's 'American-ish' english but soon you get used to it.Sonam has done a good job considering this is her 'first film' after The Humongous Disastorous SAAWARIYA !!
Om Puri, Pawan Malhotra, Rishi Kapoor, Deepak Dobriyal, Vijay Raaz, Atul Kulkarni & Divya Dutta all got into the skin of their character effectively.

In 2 Hrs 18 mins Mehra has tried to take a dig at all the negative aspects of India , ranging from Castism, Vote Bank Politics , Corruption , Religious Divide etc etc and a love story surrounding all this.
The concept of 'Kaala Bandar' representing all the evil & negative in our society is really good.

But at the end i did feel a bit dissapointed as i was expecting much more. May be it's because i was expecting another Rang De...

Rating - 2 1/2
Verdict - Watch it for Rahman & Prasoon Joshi's soulful Music , the Ram Leela scenes or if u r a DELHITE !!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

GHAJINI - Aamir is Back with VenGeanCe !!!

Ghajini :

Crew :

Director - AR Murgadoss

Producer - Geetha Arts & Madhu Mantena

Story & Screenplay - AR Murgadoss

Cinematography - Ravi K Chandran

Music - AR Rahman

Lyrics - Prasoon Joshi

Cast :

Aamir Khan - Sanjay Singhania

Asin Thottumkal - Kalpana

Jiah Khan - Sunita

Pradeep Rawat - Ghajini Dharmatma

Its Great to see Aamir Khan in such an aggressive role after a long time.Reminds you of 'Sarfarosh' and 'Ghulam'.
His performnce is really really good in the muvi but accordin to me Surya's performnce in the original Tamil version was way better.
Even Asin has acted really well , considering tht this was her first hindi muvi. Jiah Khan doesnt have much to do in the film, all she does is scream and run !

AR Murugadoss [Director] has done a commendable job.He has made a lot of changes in this version.
He has totally changed th ending and has also included an extra song [Kaise Mujhe] !
Well what can i say about the music , Its by AR RAHMAN ! Isn't that enough?
The only drawback is the length of the muvi.The running time of 3hrs and 5 mins can be the only factor that can be termed as negative.
Other than that the movie is a Total Commercial Action Flick.

Rating : 3/5

Verdict : Go For Aamir's perfrmnce and for Rahman's Music.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - SRK Aur YashRaj Ki !!!!!

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi :


Director - Aditya Chopra

Producer - Yash Chopra

Story & Screenplay - Aditya Chopra

Cinematography - Ravi K Chandran

Music - Salim Merchant & Sulaiman Merchant

Lyrics - Jaideep Sahni

Cast :

Shahrukh Khan - Surinder Sawhney

Anushka Sharma - Taani

Vinay Pathak

Before entering the theatre, i was just praying & trying to convince myself that Rab Ne wudn't be worse than 'Mohabattein',Aditya Chopra's previous 'disastorous' venture !!
And Thank You GOD, you answered my prayer! Rab Ne wasn't as BAD as Mohabattein.

Dont u guys remember Mohabattein ? If u dont then gud for u, You guys are really lucky but if you do remember then all i can say is "May God Be With You " !

With Rab Ne, Adi Chopra cariies on the tradition of making 'Senseless Romantic' Movies!
Unlike other directors & writers, he doesnt derive his inspiration from Hollywood Movies but from 'Yash Chopra Movies'.

The 2 good things in the movie were the songs and anushka,who din't hav much to do but was looking rather stunning in all her scenes.
All the songs have been choreographed pretty well. But the fact that SRK's character ended each and every word with a 'Ji' did really piss me off.

Even Though i called this muvi a ' senseless romantic' flick still I am certain that Rab Ne is gonna be a Massive Hit! Why ??
Coz people are totally sick & tired of all the worries and problems that they hav in their real life.
And Hence this light hearted senseless flick becomes the right kind of escape that people were looking for.

Rating : 2/5

Verdict : If u liked Dilwale Dulhaniya ...then u would like this one also !