Monday, February 16, 2009

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - SRK Aur YashRaj Ki !!!!!

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi :


Director - Aditya Chopra

Producer - Yash Chopra

Story & Screenplay - Aditya Chopra

Cinematography - Ravi K Chandran

Music - Salim Merchant & Sulaiman Merchant

Lyrics - Jaideep Sahni

Cast :

Shahrukh Khan - Surinder Sawhney

Anushka Sharma - Taani

Vinay Pathak

Before entering the theatre, i was just praying & trying to convince myself that Rab Ne wudn't be worse than 'Mohabattein',Aditya Chopra's previous 'disastorous' venture !!
And Thank You GOD, you answered my prayer! Rab Ne wasn't as BAD as Mohabattein.

Dont u guys remember Mohabattein ? If u dont then gud for u, You guys are really lucky but if you do remember then all i can say is "May God Be With You " !

With Rab Ne, Adi Chopra cariies on the tradition of making 'Senseless Romantic' Movies!
Unlike other directors & writers, he doesnt derive his inspiration from Hollywood Movies but from 'Yash Chopra Movies'.

The 2 good things in the movie were the songs and anushka,who din't hav much to do but was looking rather stunning in all her scenes.
All the songs have been choreographed pretty well. But the fact that SRK's character ended each and every word with a 'Ji' did really piss me off.

Even Though i called this muvi a ' senseless romantic' flick still I am certain that Rab Ne is gonna be a Massive Hit! Why ??
Coz people are totally sick & tired of all the worries and problems that they hav in their real life.
And Hence this light hearted senseless flick becomes the right kind of escape that people were looking for.

Rating : 2/5

Verdict : If u liked Dilwale Dulhaniya ...then u would like this one also !

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