Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bachna Ae Haseeno - Here Comes Ranbir !!!!

Bachna Ae Haseeno

Crew :

Director - Siddharth Anand

Producer - Aditya Chopra

Story - Aditya Chopra

Screenplay & Lyrics - Anvita Dutt Guptan

Cinematography - Sunil Patel

Music - Vishal - Shekhar

Cast :

Ranbir Kapoor - Raj Sharma

Deepika Padukone - Gayatri

Bipasha Basu - Radhika

Minissha Lamba - Mahi

Hitein Patel - Sachin

When the first promo of this muvi came on air , ther were 2 things that caught my attention.
The beautiful cinematography and the visually vibrant title track ( which btw plays at the starting credits ).
These 2 reasons were enuff to make me decide that i wanted to see this muvi !!

The basic premise of this muvi is also same as tht of previous Aditya Chopra's muvis, which is " Finding ur true love " !
But in Raj's case ( Ranbir ) , he finds it 3 times !!!!

The First half is rlly gud with few funny moments ( thnks to Hitein Patel & Ranbir ).
But the second half gets slow & boring at many places.
And there are few things tht dont make sense to me like Bipasha sudden change of heart and Deepika's decision to let go of her principles that she believed in!
I know i know , has to be bcoz of luv ryt !!!
Fine but i still cant digest this kinda stuff.

Ranbir ( who is as an eternal flirt ) is brilliant in his role. Plays the role with ease and has a genuine charm in his actin.
Hitein Patel who acts as Ranbir's best friend is also very gud.
Minissha Lamba and bipasha are ok but Deepika is a total waste! She doesnt hav anything to do in this muvi.

I have to give credit to the cinematographer by .Who has done an exceptional work in this muvi.
Music By Vishhal - Shekhar is just average.
But the Background score by Salim - Sulaiman is too repetitive ( actually it becomes rlly irritating after a certain point ).
They use the 'Khuda Jaane" instrumental version whenever Ranbir does sumthin, they use it so often that i felt like pressing the mute button till that shit got over !
Its as if they r testing our patience or sumthing.

It's mainly A Ranbir Kapoor film , with some exotic locales and with sum average songs ( Except the title track which is a RD Burman classic ).

On the whole its a 3 hr world tour which takes u to places like Italy,Australia,Bangkok,Switzerland etc....

Rating - 3/5 ( Watch it for Ranbir & for the cinematography which is class apart )

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Joker Steals the show !!!!!

Cast & Crew :

Director: Christopher Nolan
Writers : Christopher Nolan & Jonathan Nolan
Story: Christopher Nolan & David S . Goyer

Producers : Christopher Nolan , Emma Thomas & Charles Roven

Music : Hans Zimmer & James Norton Howard

I had gone for 'The Dark Knight' without any expectations. But within 5 minutes into the movie i knew this was something different.
Im damn sure that by now everyone must have heard about the performance that Late Heath Ledger has done in this movie.
You can clearly see the kind of effort that Ledger has put into his character, Joker.
Never in my wildest dream did i think that i would be comparing a Superhero movie to the likes of "The Godfather" and "The Lord of the Rings" , which according to me are the 2 Best Films of our time!
But surprisingly & gladly "Dark Knight" has surely equaled them in all respect, be it acting,story,screenplay,music or the technical aspects.
This movie is without doubt an outstanding CINEMATIC Xperience !

Ledger who lost out an Oscar for "Brokeback Mountain" will surely win the Prestigious Statue this time.
It's tough to imagine that we wont be seeing anymore of this truly gifted actor who gave amazing performances in movies like "Casanova","Brokeback Mountain","Brothers Grimm","10 Things I Hate about you" and many others.
Ledger has without doubt out-performed Anthony Hopkins’s act as Hannibal Lecter and has taken over the mantel of being the Greatest Villain Of All Time !!

There is one other guy who has surprised me in " Dark Knight".
The guy im talking about gave a superlative performance 'off the screen', im talking bout Christopher Nolan (Director, Producer & Co-Writer).
Nolan has finally made his " I Will Be Remembered For This " Movie.
Expectations will be sky high for his next movie.

This movie sure has some memorable dialogues like the already famous " Why So serious?" , "If you're good at something, never do it for free " , "The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules!" & many more.

I recommend you watch it as many as times as possible. Watch it for Ledger's Unbelievable performance, Hans Zimmer & James Howard's Haunting Scores , great story and for some amazing direction by Mr. Nolan.

Rating : 5/5

Verdict : Even if you hate Batman , you will love this movie !

Let's start of with 'Kuselan'

Cast & Crew :

Directed By : P. Vasu
Produced By : K. Balachander ( Kavithalaya Productions)
Original Story By : Sreenivasan
Adapted By : P.Vasu

Ashok Kumar : Rajnikanth
Balan : Pasupathy
Nayanthara : Herself

'Kuselan' first and foremost is not a RAJNI Film !!!
Even though the promos suggest the opposite, this movie doesn’t have the Rajni Flair & Style that u saw in his earlier films , it doesn’t have any Rajni action nor does it have any villain !!
Yup!!! A Rajni Film without a Villain.
So, if you are expecting all this stuff please don’t go for this movie because you will be totally disappointed.
But I have to say , Superstar's screen presence is just amazing!
Specially in the last 15 minutes , he's really good.

Secondly, i don’t know whats wrong with P.Vasu ( The Director ).
He has completely lost the essence of the movie. If you have seen the Malayalam Hit movie " Kadha Parayumbol " , u will understand what im saying.
The Original Malayalam version tells the story about a Barber and a famous actor ,who was his childhood friend.
In Tamil, its the other way round ! The tamil version tells u the story about A Superstar Actor and his friend, his fans and few extra things.
U may ask whats wrong with that ? The problem is that P.Vasu has done all this in a messy way.
This guy surely doesn’t know the meaning of remaking.
Everybody saw what he did to the malayalam blockbuster " Manichitrathazhu " when he made " Chandramukhi ".
But this is just dreadful. Please Mr Vasu stop remaking and spoiling hits like these, please!

Adding few unnecessary characters, adding unnecessary songs ( Nayanthara's song !! ).
The Essence of friendship that the director keeps talking bout in the interviews is completely lost!!

G.V Prakashkumar's music is just average. Couple of the songs sound like rehashed versions of his previous hits!!
The " Cinema Cinema " song which has been dedicated to 75 years of South-Indian Film Industry is very well written.

Let's just pray that the Superstar will not do any more movies with P.Vasu.

RATING - 1/5 ( The '1' is for Rajni!! )