Thursday, August 6, 2009

DEVdas Revisted - Anurag Kashyap Ishtyle !!!!

Dev D :


Concept - Abhay Deol

Director - Anurag Kashyap

Producer - Ronnie Screwvala

Story - Anurag Kashyap & Vikramaditya Motwane

Screenplay - Anurag Kashyap

Music - Amit Trivedi

Cinematography - Rajeev Ravi


Dev - Abhay Deol

Paro - Mahie Gill

Chanda - Kalki Koechlin

D ifferent
E vil
V ierd

D ats Dev D.

Am a huge fan of Anurag Kashyap's Sriptwriting [ Satya, Company ,Guru .
And When his first directorial venture came [ Black Friday ] , i was bloody damn sure tht he is going to be the next big thing but then a year later in 2006 he gave ' No Smoking ' which according to me was a " storyless piece of trash ".
But believe me wen i say tht He IS Back !!

Just like 'Black Friday' , Dev D is also a Masterpiece in all sense. Whether its in terms of direction , acting , music or script evrything is BRILLIANT in this muvi !!

All the characters are very well sketched.The slight negative shade in all the characters make them more believable and closer to real life !
Abhay Deol was REVELATION !!! I din hav a clue tht sumone frm the Deol clan cud actually act !!! But here he wasnt just gud He was exceptional !!
The bloke at least deserves a Best Acting Nomination...
Mahi Gill & Kalki Koechlin were also impressive considering this is there DEBUT film.

And wat can i say about Amit Trivedi ( Music Composer ) , i seriously thot the kid would be 1 SONG-WONDER ("Ek Lau" from Aamir) but now this is just true GENIUS stuff from the kid.
Composing 19 Songs itself is a tedious task but here he has managed to compose 19 HIT tracks tht are totally different from one another !
All the songs are situational and are also very well written.
The songs manage to take the story forward without hampering the storyline or making it boring even for a SECOND!!

Without a Doubt i can assure you that this muvi wud be in the Top 3 Films of 2009 !!
Sarat Chandra Chatterjee would have never thought that his story cud be interpreted in "such" a way !!
Credit goes to Abhay Deol & Kashyap for the concept.

Rating - 4 1/2
Verdict - Watch it for Kashyap's amazing direction , Amit Trivedi's classy music & for Abhay Deol's acting.


rohit said...

For your information the first movie of Anurag Kashyap was Paanch.

Rahul Menon said...

Dude, i was referin to his first muvi that saw the light of da day ....