Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Iconic Character turned into An Iconic Movie.

Herge's Iconic Character that transcended time , languages , age groups has finally made its way from the pages of a comic to the Silver Screen.Thanks to 2 Geniuses ... Steven Spielberg & Peter Jackson. If any body could have done justice to Herge's characters ,Its them.
One gave us Memorable Movies like 'Jaws' , 'E.T', 'Indiana Jones' and the other gave the world the Masterpiece known as 'The Lord Of The Rings'.

Only true Tintin fans could have pulled off sumthing like this. The Film May not be completely true to the books as the 3 British Musketeers ( Moffat , Wright & Cornish ) have used 3 of Herge's Comic books to write the screenplay for thfilm ( 2 More Films are in pipeline !).
Spielberg had long ago given a fitting tribute to Tintin with a character that he co-created with George Lucas i.e Indiana Jones.

The Experience of watchin a Real 3D IMAX was in itself amazing! The Movie is filled with amazingly shot sequences. Spielberg , Jackson & the crew surely must have spent months & months just on the Storyboard.
John Williams continues the tradition of giving unbelievable tunes to Spielberg.
A Special Mention has to be made for the whole team that was responsible for the Motion Capture & Motion Editing ... Mind Blowing stuff ... u guys deserve a Special Oscar for ur work.
There were times when it just didnt feel like animation at all.
Truly Great stuff.

Dont Miss This One. U'll Regret it.

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manendra said...

I didn't like the script but the movie was great ..
I hope the next part comes more interesting ...

and I didn't like the way they portrayed haddock ...