Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's 3 steps ahead of u, on 4 differnt levels, @ 5 blinding speeds!!

First & Foremost my apologies to Mr.Nolan who has proved me totally wrong & has made me eat my own words.
2 years back when 'The Dark Knight' released i had confidently proclaimed that TDK will be Nolan's "I Will Be Remembered For This" Movie.
And now in 2010 im just elated to say that i very wrongly UNDER-ESTIMATED this Visionary Maverick Genius.
It's so hard for me too believe that for a person who uses minimal of CGI & Visual Effects, he was able to do achieve something like this!!
As the Tag line of the Film says "Your Mind Is The Scene Of The Crime" & Nolan stays completely true to his words.
The Only question here is,will 'your' mind be able to handle all the "Mind-Screwing" that you are about to witness ??
Even if you say that you understood every little bit of it i would still suggest you to go for a 2nd watch (The muvi without a doubt deserves to be seen at least 3 times!) to get the "Total Nolan-istic" hang of things.

DiCaprio as usual has given a solid performance but the actor who stood out was Joseph Gordon Levitt who played the character of DiCaprio's Point Man,Arthur.
All the other actors (most of them have worked with Nolan before) have given a laudable performance.

In a span of just 12 years & 7 movies Nolan has risen to such a level that he is almost on par with the Greatest Film makers (Kubrick,Kurasowa,Lynch etc).
And im pretty sure that by the time he has made his 10th movie , he would be equal or may even surpass them! You might say its too early to say but i just have one word for you guys - INCEPTION.
If a person can think of something like this from scratch without referring to any materials then he just has to be a freakin GENIUS.
Nolan started writing this script almost 10 years back & was inspired by Wachawoski Brother's 'THE MATRIX' & Alex Proyas's 'DARK CITY'.

The Movie would not have been anything like it is now without Hans Zimmer pulse-pounding musical score which keeps the audience on the edge.
This is Wally Pfister's 6th movie with Nolan as a Cinematographer.Nolan's Vision were given an amazing life to it by Pfister's terrific cinematography.
As i stated before INCEPTION is ahead of you,its on different levels & travels at a blistering pace. So try to hang on !!

Rating: 5/5 (The Concept & Direction gets 3,1 For Hans Zimmer's Music & 1 for the Stellar Cast )

Verdict: Dont Miss it for anything.Requires at least 2 viewings & Deserves a minimum of 3 !!



cheli said...

nice work ! keep it up mate..looking forward a lot of column's from u :)

Paul said...

really drove home the point..did'nt u...nice review!!

vipin jacob said...

bro..nice work.really made me feel that i missed dis film..