Friday, April 30, 2010

Aal Izz Very Well !!!

3 Idiots :


Director : Rajkumar Hirani

Producer : Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Story,Screenplay & Dialogues : Rajkumar Hirani & Abhijat Joshi

Cinematography : Muraleedharan

Music: Shantanu Moitra

Lyrics : Swanand Kirkire

Based on Chetan Bhagat's Novel - 5 Point Someone


Aamir Khan - Rancho

Sharman Joshi - Raju Rastogi

R Madhavan - Farhan Qureshi

Omi - Chattur Ramalingam

Boman Irani - Viru Sahassrabuddhe

Kareena Kapoor - Pia

In 2003 Raju Hirani gave us the "Jaadu Ki Jhappi" for 2010 the mantra is gonna be "All izz well".With 3 Idiots,Raju Hirani is sure to get a Hat-Trick of Blockbusters.
After the stupendous success of 'Munnabhai MBBS' & 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' , thank god Hirani went ahead with this project rather than 'Munnabhai Chale Amrika'.
Sure Munnabhai series was hilarious and thought provoking but Hirani had to do something totally different so as to prove that he is really versatile.
With 3 Idiots he has not just proved that he is versatile but also that he is a GENIUS when it comes to Screenplay & Dialogues.His partner in crime in this is Abhijat Joshi.
Together they have written an amazing screenplay with some unforgettable dialogues.As a huge fan of the novel '5 Point Someone' i had my doubts whether 3 Idiots would live upto the Book or not.
But after watching the film i can happily say that it retains the spirit of the book by Chetan Bhagat even though a lot has been changed.

All the main leads have given a commendable performance.Special mention has to be given to Omi(Debut) who played the character of Chattur,has without doubt given one of the funniest performance's of the Year!
Music nd Lyrics was totally apt for the Movie nd for its characters.
May be the climax was the only part where Hirani went toooo Filmy other than that "ALL WAS Very Well".

Rating : 4/5 ( Worth Watchin at least 2-3 times ,sply wid frendz!)

Verdict : A Sure Shot Blockbuster but the controversy nd the fueds between the Makers nd Chetan Bhagat was totally un-necessary.Spoiled the Fun a little :-(