Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let's start of with 'Kuselan'

Cast & Crew :

Directed By : P. Vasu
Produced By : K. Balachander ( Kavithalaya Productions)
Original Story By : Sreenivasan
Adapted By : P.Vasu

Ashok Kumar : Rajnikanth
Balan : Pasupathy
Nayanthara : Herself

'Kuselan' first and foremost is not a RAJNI Film !!!
Even though the promos suggest the opposite, this movie doesn’t have the Rajni Flair & Style that u saw in his earlier films , it doesn’t have any Rajni action nor does it have any villain !!
Yup!!! A Rajni Film without a Villain.
So, if you are expecting all this stuff please don’t go for this movie because you will be totally disappointed.
But I have to say , Superstar's screen presence is just amazing!
Specially in the last 15 minutes , he's really good.

Secondly, i don’t know whats wrong with P.Vasu ( The Director ).
He has completely lost the essence of the movie. If you have seen the Malayalam Hit movie " Kadha Parayumbol " , u will understand what im saying.
The Original Malayalam version tells the story about a Barber and a famous actor ,who was his childhood friend.
In Tamil, its the other way round ! The tamil version tells u the story about A Superstar Actor and his friend, his fans and few extra things.
U may ask whats wrong with that ? The problem is that P.Vasu has done all this in a messy way.
This guy surely doesn’t know the meaning of remaking.
Everybody saw what he did to the malayalam blockbuster " Manichitrathazhu " when he made " Chandramukhi ".
But this is just dreadful. Please Mr Vasu stop remaking and spoiling hits like these, please!

Adding few unnecessary characters, adding unnecessary songs ( Nayanthara's song !! ).
The Essence of friendship that the director keeps talking bout in the interviews is completely lost!!

G.V Prakashkumar's music is just average. Couple of the songs sound like rehashed versions of his previous hits!!
The " Cinema Cinema " song which has been dedicated to 75 years of South-Indian Film Industry is very well written.

Let's just pray that the Superstar will not do any more movies with P.Vasu.

RATING - 1/5 ( The '1' is for Rajni!! )

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